Must-See Virginia Music Festivals for Summer 2024

Must-See Virginia Music Festivals for Summer 2024

Posted on Jun 18, 2024

Virginia is a hotspot for music lovers, with a vibrant scene that offers something for everyone. From classic rock to bluegrass, the state’s music festivals provide an exciting peak into the region’s diverse sounds and local artists. These events celebrate Virginia’s live music, iconic food, local culture, and outdoor attractions.

Explore our guide to the top 5 music festivals in Virginia for summer 2024, including local attractions and music festival travel tips!

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1. Shenandoah Valley Music Festival

Location: Orkney Springs, VA

Dates: July 19th – Labor Day weekend

Genres: Pop-Rock, Country, Folk, Americana, Classical

The Shenandoah Valley Music Festival is Virginia’s longest-running outdoor music festival. Established in 1963, the concert series is a not-for-profit performing arts event that attracts top creative talent, including past performers like Arlo Guthrie, Emmylou Harris, and The Oak Ridge Boys.

Held at the Shrine Mont retreat at the foot of the Great North Mountain, the concert series offers an intimate setting with clear views from both pavilion and lawn seating. Enjoy picnic-style food or bring your own spread, with proceeds from on-site food sales funding future concerts.

The serene setting and historic charm make this festival a must-visit for a relaxing musical experience!

2. FloydFest 24~Horizon

Location: Floyd, VA

Dates: July 24-28

Genres: Rock, Bluegrass, Reggae, World Music

Billed as 5 days of “Music, Magic, and Mountains,” FloydFest has earned a reputation as an immersive experience, combining live music with outdoor adventure. Their mission is to curate a purposeful program that inspires adventure and whimsy.

This Virginia music festival embraces a broad range of genres and features nearly 100 artists across 7 performance stages. Beyond the tunes, festival-goers can enjoy activities like a 5K trail race, disc golf, hiking, biking, and workshops on wilderness skills set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

FloydFest includes options for camping, glamping, and exploring local arts and craft beer. This festival is perfect for those looking to combine their love of music with a taste of the great outdoors.

3. FlowJam Music Festival

Location: Rixeyville, VA

Dates: June 6-9

Genres: Classic Rock, Funk, Fusion, Bluegrass

FlowJam is Virginia’s first “Healing Arts Festival,” featuring over 30 musical acts, workshops, visual and performing artists, and a variety of vendors. Established in 2014, the festival promotes holistic experiences and includes activities like zip lining, a ropes course, a climbing wall, and lake access.

FlowJam also offers diverse camping options, including field camping, car camping, and luxury glamping. The festival’s emphasis on healing arts makes it a unique blend of music and wellness, ideal for those seeking a rejuvenating retreat.

4. Red Wing Roots Festival 2024

Location: Natural Chimneys Park and Campground, Mt Solon, VA

Dates: June 21-23

Genres: Americana, Bluegrass, Folk, Old-Time, Blues

Red Wing Roots Festival is a family-friendly Virginia music festival set in the scenic Natural Chimneys Park. It features a diverse lineup of about 50 artists across 3 days and 5 stages. Besides live music, attendees can enjoy several daytime activities, such as swimming, yoga, group hikes, bike rides, and workshops on geology.

Camping and glamping options are available for those wanting to stay on-site. This festival is perfect for families and those looking to enjoy music in a beautiful natural setting, with activities that cater to all ages.

5. Jam Packed Festival

Location: Richmond, VA

Dates: August 10

Genres: Bluegrass, Folk, Rock, Electronica, Psychedelic Funk

No Virginia music festival list would be complete without the Jam Packed Craft Beer & Music Festival. This concert event blends music with craft beer in a waste-free environment. The festival’s partnership with the James River Association highlights its commitment to sustainability, making it unique among Virginia’s music festivals.

The lineup includes Greensky Bluegrass, Kitchen Dwellers, and other notable acts.

VIP tickets offer an enhanced experience, but all attendees can enjoy a day of great music and craft beer. This festival stands out for its focus on environmental consciousness while providing top-notch entertainment.

How to Prepare for a Virginia Music Festival

If this is your first time going to a music festival in Virginia, it’s best to plan ahead. Use our guide to stay prepared!

What to Pack:

Pack comfortably with only the bare essentials to avoid dealing with cumbersome suitcases. A day bag helps you keep track of your items during the festival. Remember to check music festival sites for any prohibited items.

• Essential items (sunscreen, hat, reusable water bottle, portable phone charger, etc.)

• Camping gear if camping is available (tent, sleeping bag, etc.)

• Weather-appropriate clothing (layers, rain gear, etc.)

Stay Updated on Tickets:

Most Virginia music festivals have newsletters or social media pages to keep you updated on when tickets go live, teasers on the lineup, and any changes to the itinerary. Follow the relevant pages and purchase tickets early on to secure your spot. There may be early-bird specials or VIP options.

Traveling & Accommodations:

Depending on the music festival, you may have access to on-site accommodations. Otherwise, book a hotel well in advance to secure your spot. Look into:

• On-site camping or glamping options

• Nearby hotels or camping sites

• Transportation tips (parking, shuttles, or public transport)

Explore Music Festivals in Virginia

Whether you’re drawn to outdoor adventures, holistic wellness, or simply enjoying live music with a beautiful view, there’s a Virginia music festival for you. These events offer unique experiences that highlight the beauty and passion driving Virginia living while supporting the local culture.

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